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  • Evidens De Beaute - The Intense Purifying Mask

Evidens De Beaute - The Intense Purifying Mask

Evidens De Beaute - The Intense Purifying Mask
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Purify your skin with The Intense Purifying Mask. This silky soft and creamy clay mask is enriched in deep cleansing agents, exfoliating enzymes and an exclusive anti-aging active ingredient. Visibly reducing the appearance of imperfections, it mattifies the skin’s surface, smoothes the cutaneous texture and tightens pores, restoring softness and natural radiance to the skin, while eliminating shine and tight, pulling sensations.

After use, the skin looks shine-free, pores appear tightened and the skin texture feels smoother. Fresh and purified, skin is beautifully enhanced, regaining its youthful tone and natural radiance.

This unique and refreshing creamy-textured mask contains a combination of two types of clay: the "Treasure Medicine Clay of Kaga” derived from the volcanic soils of Japan and a red clay with incredible softening action from France. Thanks to the absorbing properties of these two ingredients, this innovative formula intensively absorbs excess sebum inside pores, refines the skin’s texture and diminishes blemishes. The clay duo also heals, smoothes, detoxifies and replenishes minerals to the skin.

Triple Collagen, the brand’s exclusive active ingredient, offers global anti-aging action, while La Foux Spring Water, with exceptional purifying and curative properties, softens and refreshes the skin. The mask also contains enzymes that eliminate dead cells, exfoliating and refining the skin’s surface, as well as anti-inflammatory pomegranate extract that soothes and refreshes. Suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types, even the most sensitive, this gentle clay mask will become an essential step in your beauty care ritual, gently enhancing skin for an immediate glow, silky soft feel and natural radiance, making it the absolute must-have for all skin care routines.


Purifying, Healing, Smoothing: “Treasure Medicine Clay of Kaga” (Japan)
Detoxifying, Remineralizing: Kaolin (French Red Clay)
Antioxidant: Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract
Purifying: Protease (Bacillus Ferment and Papain)
Anti-inflammatory: Punica Granatum
Evidens De Beaute - The Intense Purifying Mask
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