Charcuterie, a traditional method of preserving meat, is considered an art form in France and Italy. Our selection of charcuterie meats are homemade by our HENRY butcher and use the finest ingredients for the smoothest and most subtle flavours. Try our Maison Pâté, wrapped in our smoked house bacon, for the epitome of artisanal charcuterie, or our Andouille sausage that is gently smoked for four hours over almond wood for a sublime flavour – it’s a must-have for your platter.

Building your own charcuterie board

We recommend between 50 and 60 grams per person when serving charcuterie as a starter and building your charcuterie board by using our homemade meats and terrine as core items. Texture is everything with charcuterie, so a smooth and spreadable pâté or parfait is often paired with a coarse terrine and some chewy prosciutto or well-aged salami. To enhance the European flair in your charcuterie, a little pinch of chorizo or Italian cured meats adds even more flavour and texture. Pair with some pantry essentials, extra virgin olive oil, chunky crusty bread and a sprinkle of seasoning and you'll have created your very own signature charcuterie board.

Pairing charcuterie meats & cheese with accompaniments

Combining an assiette de fromage (cheese platter) with a charcuterie board of our homemade smoked meats and terrine is a marriage made in heaven. We recommend selecting a cheese that pairs beautifully with your charcuterie flavours -- we'd always plump for a mid-strength, crumbly cheddar as our first port of call. A creamy or nutty cheese as well gives a variety in texture and flavour and lends the diversity a traditional charcuterie board deserves. Enhance your board with tangy, fresh and acidic pickles and chutneys according to personal taste, then pick a bottle of your favourite from our selection of fine wines and your taste of Rosewood at home is all set.