Dry Aged Meats

You’ll delight in browsing the finest cuts of dry-aged beef from our HENRY butcher. We carefully select our prime beef from award-winning American ranches to ensure that it is the highest grade and packed with flavour. Our cuts include dry-aged beef for impeccable quality and a selection of organic grass and grain-fed beef, straight from the farm. From wagyu tenderloin to black Angus rib-eye, you’re sure to find the perfect selection for either a flame grill barbeque or slow-cooked masterpiece, that will match perfectly with a bottle of red from our fine wines collection.

The Dry Ageing Process

For a HENRY steakhouse experience at home, we only recommend selecting dry-aged beef, which is known for a complex and satisfying taste as sophisticated as a fine, full-bodied wine. Dry ageing is a prized process that enhances the flavour and tenderness of each cut, for the signature taste craved by connoisseurs.
We usually dry age our beef for at least 21 days for the perfect flavour balance. By allowing the beef to dry in a controlled air environment, it draws moisture and releases enzymes in the meat, providing an incredibly tender cut and legendary marbling.

Our Cuts of Beef

Our butchers only source USDA prime steak, America’s most superior grade awarded to beef known for its tenderness, juicy flavours and generous marbling, usually coming from only younger cattle. Our fine USDA cuts include Black Angus rib-eye, wagyu tenderloin and striploin.