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Everything at Vyrao is about raising the sense of positivity and joy.


Founded in 2021 by Yasmin Sewell, Vyrao is the world’s first wellbeing brand to fuse energetic healing with master perfumery. A collection of seven unisex fragrances, as well as incense and scented candles, are catalysts for holistic wellbeing.

Vyrao harnesses the power of nature to amplify energy, tapping into the science of scent and its potential to activate the parts of the brain where memories and emotions are processed.

Vyrao products are formulated from the finest organic, ethically sourced plant and flower extracts, drawing on neuroscientific principles, energetic practices and perfume lore to bring something entirely new to the industry. Vyrao scents (and their home fragrance iterations) have been envisioned as a sublime smelling toolkit, each one designed to boost your mood and promote different positive emotions.

At Vyrao, the good vibes are in the details, and every detail matters. This extends from the recycled, and recyclable grass-green packaging to the dedicated mantra card that comes with each fragrance, providing wearers with an uplifting affirmation to match their chosen scent.

Vyrao's glass perfume bottles and ceramic candle vessels are elegantly rendered objects d’art. And, beyond that, every 50ml bottle of scent contains a tiny Herkimer diamond, while every candle boasts a stainless steel V-talisman on its base – all supercharged in Hawai'i by our quantum energist, Louise Mita, to augment the scent or candle’s particular intention.

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