Sunday Riley - Come Upstairs Candle


Whether you're flying solo or with a partner (or two), engage all the senses and envelop yourself in the warmth of Linden Blossom, the sweetness of Honey and Vanilla and the sensuousness of Sandalwood with our exclusive, limited edition Come Upstairs massage candle.  Created with all-natural wax and a 100% cotton wick.  Come Upstairs isn't just made to set the mood, it's also for play.  Now available for individual purchase due to popular demand!

Key Ingredients 

Linden Blossom

Helps relax and calm the nerves, relieve stress, and soothe.


Ancient remedy that provides a pleasing floral scent when burned.


Soothing scent that promotes relaxation and helps reduce restlessness.


Helps promote easier and more restful sleep, while potentially reducing stress and negativity.