Silentmode Powermask

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The ultimate guided nap training experience that can help reduce stress and boost your performance. Beautiful soundscapes designed to help you switch off and rest in style at home, work, school or when traveling.

This is the ultimate in relaxation.. 100% Black-out banishes visual distractions

Passive noise isolation to turn down the noise of life

360 comfort with grade 3 memory foam throughout

The first audio device you can comfortably lay on

Silentmode is an innovative techware company that gives users the simple tools to eliminate stress and cultivate focus through data-driven power-napping.


Rated power: 5mW

Max input power: 10 mW

Distortion < 10% (1 kHz @1 mW)

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20Khz

USB Reversible Cable: 1.5m

Audio to Mini Jack Connector


Weight: 400g

Material: Japanese Microfibre/Bamboo Charcoal Cotton/Nylon/Polyester

Foam: Grade 3 Memory Foam

Washing Bag