Nomad Noe - Poet in Hangzhou

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Ruminate on a path of delicate gardenia and unwavering bamboo, as the mysteries of hangzhou unfold between ancient temples and night-blooming tuberose.
Walk alongside its placid lakes as they bring into focus a reflection of what is in this very moment, and of what can be.

Kindle your inner dreamer, pioneer, or rebel with Nomad Noé’s collection of perfumed candles. Inspired by little-known historical movers and shakers, each candle tells a story of courage and daring through exquisite blends of fragrance. A blend of vegetable waxes and French-made perfume is hand-poured into chic porcelain vessels, for an aromatic scent experience that inspires you to forge your own path—wherever it may lead.

Notes: Bamboo, Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose
Perfume crafted in Grasse, France
Blend of coconut and mineral waxes
Biscuit porcelain
55-hour burn time