Nomad Noe - Dreamer in London

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A performance of daring intrigue, the dreamer propels the hopes of many and unifies the beating of hearts.
The sweet twist of violet taps in unison with vanilla as an evocative blend of leather bound books and cedarwood look on in anticipation.
The warmth of bohemian tobacco sweetens the tongue and the curtains rise, revealing your dream in palpable form.

Kindle your inner dreamer, pioneer, or rebel with Nomad Noé’s collection of perfumed candles. Inspired by little-known historical movers and shakers, each candle tells a story of courage and daring through exquisite blends of fragrance. A blend of vegetable waxes and French-made perfume is hand-poured into chic porcelain vessels, for an aromatic scent experience that inspires you to forge your own path—wherever it may lead.

Notes: Cedarwood, Guaiac wood, Vanilla, Iris, Patchouli
Perfume crafted in Grasse, France
Blend of coconut and mineral waxes
Biscuit porcelain
55-hour burn time