Seasonal Christmas Meats

Order required to be placed minimum 3 days in advance.

Pre-order your Rosewood Christmas Turkey before 9 December and receive 10% discount including complimentary delivery.

Our Christmas roasts are visions of succulent, mouthwatering goodness, sure to be the jewel in the crown of your festive dinner table. Our very own Rosewood butcher selects our signature seasonal Christmas meats with each Christmas Turkey and Ham cooked to perfection by our chefs and delivered to your door. Whether it's an early Thanksgiving celebration dinner or a Christmas day family gathering, our roasts are suitable for up to 10 persons with a selection of sides to accompany, from cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing, savoury root vegetables and creamy turkey gravy to our legendary braised brussels sprouts with chestnuts and our in-house smoked bacon from our charcuterie selection.